About Us

Codes2unlock.com is a well established cell phone unlocking website, which able to unlock almost all phone and models over the world. We had successfully unlocked thousands of phone worldwide and continue to unlock everyday. Here we always given high priority to our customer service and maintain our quality standards. we try hard for making cell phone unlocking a quick, easy, safe and secure process for everyone. find what our customer says about our services in our reviews and testimonials.

Customer Satisfaction

We always put our customers in first place in the complete unlocking cycle or process. we love to hear feedbacks and suggesstions from our customers and always try to resolve them as soon as possible. also tend to that each customer can get their value for money and complete customer satisfaction. we are confident on our service for customer satisfaction.

Worldwide Services

We unlock phones from almost all over the world for all major phone manufacturers and their models, adding new models and services everyday. we support almost all major networks from various countries and try to add daily new and update the old ones, if you not find our country, network, phone or model number please contact us by email or through our support system.

Value for Money

We try to keep our prices cheap and provide you the best price in the industry, as prices are varied from phone manufacturer and model numbers, also prices are depend on locked carrier of your phone, despite of that we try to keep our prices low. we do not provide free unlocking codes or software as they are only the playing game with you. also free unlock tools may harm or damage your phone, although you can get it free at Codes2unlock.com by uploading your unlocking video.

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