Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions given below and keep updated !


We are a 3rd party company providing phone unlocking services. we are not associated or affiliated with any of the mobile manufacturer company or network provider company. all logos and trademark are copyright of their respective owners.

We are here reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without giving any prior notice. Any such changes will take effect when posted on website, and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions at each time whenever use the the website or it's services, and continuied to use the website or it's services singnify that your acceptance towards the latest terms and conditions.

Although unlocking your phone is 100% legal in most of the countries, standards and laws may apply differently in different countries and places locally. It will be the buyers responsibility to comply with local laws and standards for unlocking their device.


In a situation where a code cannot be calculate or found for your mobile device, a full refund will be done 100%. 99% of the time codes will be found and will successfully unlock your device. In there rare instance that unlock code doesn’t work and we insist the unlock code is correct, in this case we require a video proof by you:

NOTE: Different devices have different requirements for the refund video. so please contact us first before making the refund video to get the refund. Also please note orders which have already been sent for processing cannot be cancelled while in transit.

No refunds will be given if:

1. The IMEI number, phone make, phone model or locked network of your phone provided by you is incorrect and an unlock code has been generated by us.

2. The phone is hardlocked, means an incorrect unlocking was previously used in an attempt to unlock the phone. This can permanently consumed the amount of tries left to input the correct code. Most phones will begin with at least 10 attempts to enter the correct code. If you are not sure of your phone’s history for unlock attempt please check with us first.

3. No Video is provided, or the video provided did not meet the requirements needed.

4. The unlocking service or unlock code was purchased else where and not from codes2unlock.com

5. Retrieval of the unlock code exceeded our stated average processing time. In most instances we are very accurate or even faster with the turnaround times, however there may be consequenses in which causes a delay.

6. Your device was successfully unlocked but the network you wish to use is not compatible with your device. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure the device you wish to unlock will be compatible with the SIM card and network you are trying to use.

7. The unlock code has delivered but you do not wish to unlock your phone anymore.

8. The phone was already unlocked prior to placing this order, or if this phone was previously Hardlocked (0 attempts left to input the code) prior to placing this order.

9. The phone is blacklisted/barred or reported as lost or stolen.

9. The phone is rooted or installed any custom rom.

10. Your phone doesn't prompt for unlock code after inserting the non accepted sim card.

11. You want to cancel the order which have already been sent for processing and is in transit.

All refunds are processed and make take up to 7 days for the refund to reflect in your account.

Note 1 - *For the Video refund, you MUST contact us first to send your request, as different devices have different video requirements. so if these requirements are not met our video refund conditions, our suppliers with whom we work with may refuse a refund
Note 2 - *If you have an error with the code or are unsure about unlocking your device please contact our support team immediately for support as our main goal is to unlock your device with best services.

While our services are instant and can be delivered in a matter of given processing time, please note that we do not keep stock of all unlock codes for delivery. So there is simply too many codes for us to keep track and handle. Depending on the method for retrieving your unlock code, proceesing times may vary for delivery of unlock codes. For the rest you can assured that we will do all effort we can do to find your unlock code and fulfill the order at given time and as fast as we can do but ask for your patience if this should be the case.

While our IMEI Unlock Codes are easy and safe to use, but please use it at your own risk. and we are also not liable in any way if you damage your handheld device from improper use.

For USA Customers:

Kind attention to USA customers, There are some changes in the law regarding cell phone unlocking in USA. As from january 26th 2013 you have to take permission from your network provider in order to unlock any devices purchased from your carrier on or after 26th january 2013. Phone which are purchased before this date are 100% okey to unlock. This law can be completely ignored by clients outside the USA. This is the part of DMCA rulling, for more informations click here We will not be held liable for unknowingly unlocking a device which was purchased after January 26th, 2013 from a USA carrier.

If you have any query or questions do not hesitate, please contact our support team

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