How To Unlock LG K30

Unlock LG K30 safe, fast, secure and enjoy the freedom to use any GSM SIM card. Our unlocking process is so easy that you can do it from anywhere withput any cable or software. There is no risk to damage your device or void your warranty.

1. Select the locked network and country of your phone to check the price and estimated for your unlock.

2. Provide the first 15 digits of your IMEI number. To get the IMEI number type *#06# on your device.

3. Enter your name and a valid email to receive the unlock. You will receive a confirmation email when we received your payment.

4. Once your order is completed we will send you an email with your unlock details.

5. Follow the instructions provided for your phone model and it will be unlocked.


Important Advice:

Please read before placing your order to unlock LG K30

1. Make sure your LG K30 is SIM locked, To check try to insert a sim card from different GSM carrier and wait for an unlocking message. If it doesn't show any unlocking message and working with another SIM card then it is not SIM locked.

2. Make sure that your phone is not reported as stolen or hardlocked.

3. Make sure your phone not Hard Locked.

4. Be sure to provide us the correct IMEI number.

5. Be sure to provide the correct locked network. Do not provide any similar network or the network you wish to use.

If you place your order without fulfilling above requirements, we are unable to provide a refund.


Instructions To Unlock LG K30

1. Insert a non accepted GSM SIM card and power on your phone.

2. Your phone will prompt for "SIM Network Unlock Pin" or "Enter Unlock Code".

3. Enter the Unlock Code provided by us.

4. Your phone is now unlocked.

If you have any issue unlocking your phone, please contact our support team 


Unlock your LG K30 in just 3 easy steps!

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Prices are depends on the locked network and phone model. Fill the above form to check the best price to unlock your phone. Phone Unlocking Service

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